To fully appreciate the ambiance of Cantwell House, one must first know
the history behind the dwelling. The story begins with the fire of 1892,
which destroyed most of what is now downtown St. John's. After the fire,
there was a massive effort to restore the area and Queen's Road was one
of these areas affected. The house was built in 1893 by John and Mary
Cantwell and is believed to have been a boarding house from the beginning.

The view from Cantwell House

Nestled in the heart of St.John's scenic and historic downtown
Close to Restaurants, Art Galleries, Museums, National Historic Sites
Breathtaking view

  Main Entrance

• Original Architecture
• Historic Furniture and Pictures
• Victorian Ambiance
• Everything in the house tells a story

Dining Room

• A Dining experience you won't forget
• A Remarkably detailed marble fireplace
• Colorful surroundings
• Hot & Cold Breakfast each morning

  Lounge Area

• Spacious & comfortable
• Friendly atmosphere
• Enjoy the view from the deck
• Your home away from home

Bedroom Features

• Private Bath
• Desk
• Cable Television
• Fireplace

  Bedroom Decor

• Unique victorian style
• Comfortable rest
• Queen Size & Double Beds
• Plush Carpets

Additional Features

• Major Credit Cards Accepted
• Computer & Fax Machine
• Laundry Facilties
• Canada Select Grade - 4 Star Rating

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